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newly launched app, which helps answer these questions in the post-pandemic world.

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What We Do obtains information from the people who are out and about in the community – the “Second Responders.” Simply search an establishment you’re visiting or planning to go to, and if it has already been reviewed, you will find key safety and business information.

Reopening America Together


You can then share your experience, making sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. If you see that there is no prior review, you can become the first “Second Responder” by submitting a review.

Based on the information provided, the business will be given a “Reopen Readiness” rating, and all answers and reviews will be shared with the OpenForUs community.

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As the country reopens for business, this will be an essential app.
Become a Second Responder, and play a key role in Reopening America Together.